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(I would advice you to download the game and test it because of the shadow)

  • The game is about a simple ball surviving in a world full mad cubes.
  • For movement controls use W,A,S,D and mouse for rotation.
  • Shooting on left mouse.
  • For placing bomb you press E key.
  • Every fifth wave enemy get stronger.
  • There are seven types pick ups:
  1. orange sphere increase damage
  2. red sphere increase health
  3. gray sphere increase play time
  4. dark red sphere increase numbers for bomb
  5. light green sphere increase ammo
  6. purple sphere increase bomb damage
  7. blue sphere increase shield
In future you can expect
  1. models for character and enemies
  2. more then one enemy
  3. multiplayer
  4. more balanced game

Install instructions

If you are downloading then play on screen resolution 600x800 and check windowed.


Ball_Survival.zip 16 MB

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